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    Michał Gromek


    Michał Gromek co-coordinates the expert panel for the Global Coalition to Fight Financial Crime, focusing on mitigating risks in decentralized finance. He is a member of associations such as Interpol, Europol, the World Economic Forum, Refinitiv, and various international financial institutions and fintech companies. Recently, he has also been training as an expert at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

    As a former director of a company listed on Nasdaq, Michał has been introducing innovative solutions for over a decade, collaborating with companies such as Rocket Internet, Nordic banks, the Swedish Fintech Association, and Safello. Given the constantly evolving ecosystem in which he operates, his mission is to share his experience and collaborate with key players to steer the evolution of fintech.

    Michał Gromek trains and collaborates with regulators, law enforcement agencies, policymakers, and banks to find solutions for the latest fintech products. He lectures MBA students at the Stockholm School of Economics, co-authors numerous reports, and shares his knowledge as a keynote speaker, workshop moderator, and author, with his articles published in English-language Forbes. Currently, he resides in Stockholm, the seventh country of his residence.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Security of crypto-transactions and crypto-flows.
    • Current state of regulations, ongoing work on crypto market regulation, key trends in these regulations.
    • Impact of crypto on the real market, issues related to investment and transactions.
    • Monitoring and counteracting illegal crypto-transactions and crypto-flows involving sanctioned individuals and institutions.
    • Unique insights and knowledge of specific areas related to corporate and state security.
    • Collaboration between banks and fintechs, key issues and solutions.
    • Best practices in bank-fintech collaboration.
    • Future of fintech and areas to watch out for.
    • Analyzing competitors, understanding their actions, and discovering ready-made collaboration solutions, market overview.
    • Overview of the most innovative solutions in the ecosystem.

    Michał Gromek, with his extensive experience and broad knowledge in decentralized finance, is the ideal expert to present current trends and challenges in the fintech and crypto world. His practical approach and ability to share knowledge in an accessible and engaging manner make him an invaluable speaker for anyone looking to understand and leverage modern financial solutions. Michał is not only a theoretician but also a practitioner, which makes his presentations exceptionally valuable.