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    Łukasz Długowski

    Tropiciel wilków, pisarz, podcaster, dziennikarz, mówca

    Łukasz Długowski has been specializing in wolf tracking for over 7 years, gathering insights into their behaviors, hunting techniques, and tracking methods in diverse locations such as Poland, Italy, Mongolia, and Jordan. His “Wolf Tracking” expeditions in the Białowieża Forest and the Żywiec Beskids have attracted over 1,000 participants. He is a certified guide with Rewilding Europe and the originator of the Microadventures concept in Poland. In 2022, he led a nationwide educational campaign for the Tatra National Park focusing on responsible tourism.

    A graduate of the Polish School of Reportage, a philosopher, author, podcaster, and journalist who has worked with Gazeta Wyborcza, TVN, and Discovery Channel. He is also a scholarship recipient of the Visegrad Fund, president of the “Dziko” Foundation, and organizer of an ecological campaign to save the Bug River from regulation.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • From alpha male to leader: analyzing the structure of a wolf pack as a model for modern leadership.
    • How to help wisely? Why CSR shouldn’t just plant trees: a critical look at popular CSR activities and their real environmental impact.
    • Why do we need wild rivers?: Discussing the importance of unregulated rivers for ecosystems and biodiversity.
    • Why do we need wolves?: Exploring the ecological and cultural significance of wolves.

    Łukasz Długowski is a speaker who not only shares knowledge about wolves and wild nature but also inspires a deeper understanding of human roles in environmental protection. His presentations combine scientific approaches with practical solutions for businesses and communities.