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    Karolina Pilarczyk

    Wielokrotna mistrzyni, profesjonalny kierowca rajdowy, mówczyni motywacyjna

    Karolina Pilarczyk is one of the most inspiring women in the world of motorsports. A two-time European Champion (2016, 2017), she competes against men in a 700 HP car. She is the only Polish woman to have earned an American Formula Drift PRO 2 license.

    Karolina is not only an outstanding athlete but also actively involved in numerous social and charitable initiatives. She passionately advocates for animal rights, serving as an ambassador for the AST foundation, which supports dog adoptions. She is a vegan and a proponent of eco-friendly products, openly sharing her views on gender equality.

    Karolina conducts motivational training and lectures for business representatives, governmental and social organizations, as well as for children and youth. She is also an IT industry expert specializing in information systems.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Motivation
    • Stress management
    • Personal development: “From Zero to Hero” – Find your way to achieve goals
    • Embracing change – How to benefit from changing strategies

    Karolina Pilarczyk, with her achievements in the male-dominated world of motorsports, is living proof that determination and passion can break all barriers. Her involvement in social and charitable initiatives, along with her open advocacy for her beliefs, make her an exceptional speaker capable of inspiring and motivating diverse audiences.