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    Karolina Jarocka

    IT project management expert and consultant

    Karolina Jarocka was born as a daughter of a Polish-language teacher and a book merchant. Her initial ambitions connected with economics she exchanged for education as a press journalist, however, fate tied her to project management. He was right.

    For 12 years, she is associated with the IT industry. She has managed projects of several people at the local level, as well as programs of 100 people at the global level. She has worked for clients from the e-commerce, financial, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries. Today, as an expert, she accompanies clients on their way in digital and business transformations, using innovative management methods.
    Author of the blog, academic lecturer, organizer of a series of events “Project Managers Breakfast”, author of the PMasters Project Manifesto, organizer of the PMasters conference, and co-founder of “Your Door to IT” – a training and consulting company.

    She has written more than 100 articles and made several dozen of public appearances. In her daily work, she focuses on increasing the effectiveness of organizations in terms of project processes, as well as building a culture of experimentation and innovation. He creates standards, new techniques, and tools in project management. Her heart is on the side of people because they create the project. She believes in women’s superpowers and although her actions are not directed exclusively at them, she motivates them to overcome barriers and achieve professional fulfillment.

    Privately a mother and wife, a lover of good cuisine and good books (reportages, biographies, classics). Karolina never refuses social coffee and dark chocolate.)