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    Daniel Bossy

    Specialist in using Social Media for business purposes and executing sales campaigns

    Internet Marketing Creator. Owner of learning platforms from the areas of sales and internet marketing. Specialist in using Social Media for business purposes, creating mailing databases and executing sales campaigns.

    He conducts a number of workshops, both live and online, during which over 5,000 participants could already learn about the latest sales-generating systems, among others. Being a consultant providing his services to a number of companies, he advises and implements sales systems in order to automatize the process of Customer service. Founder of Akademia Sukcesu in 2012 – a place where young entrepreneurs attain knowledge regarding company management and building relationships with their Customers.

    Since the second half of 2014, he runs a special group of the trainees thanks to which a number of Polish startups boosted in a short period of time.