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    Bartek Pucek

    Expert in the field of technology and strategy

    Bartek Pucek is a recognized expert in digital strategies, organizational transformation, product building, and leveraging data (AI, ML), infosec, and IT. As the CEO of Forward Operators AI Lab and an investor in technology companies, Bartek brings innovative approaches to utilizing data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to develop cutting-edge business solutions. His experience spans over 30 international markets, where he aids companies in turning digital challenges into tangible business advantages.

    Bartek also co-hosts the popular podcast “TECHNOLOGICALLY” with Jarosław Kuźniar, analyzing current trends and tools in the technology market. He completed Executive Education at Stanford Graduate School of Business, focusing on Strategic Management, further highlighting his proficiency in leading digital transformation. In 2020, he was honored with the title of Digital Shapers as a recognized leader of digital transformation in Poland.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Digital transformation and strategy.
    • AI transformation and data science.
    • Building technology-supported organizations.
    • Managing high-performance teams and technological talents.
    • Technological trends and innovations.

    Bartek Pucek is an exceptional speaker who blends deep theoretical knowledge with extensive practical experience, establishing him as an authority on digital transformation. His ability to translate complex concepts into business benefits inspires and motivates action, making him a sought-after presenter at conferences worldwide.