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    Adam Kszczot

    Athlete and motivational speaker

    Adam Kszczot – Polish middle-distance runner specializing in the 800 meters. A multiple medalist in European Championships, Indoor European Championships, World Championships, and Indoor World Championships. He holds national records in the 600 and 800 meters indoors and the 600 meters outdoors. His success is the result of not only physical training but also intense mental development.

    At the World Championships in Beijing in August 2015, he won the silver medal in the 800 meters, repeating this success two years later in London. In 2018, he became the European champion for the third time in Berlin. Adam Kszczot has won a total of eleven gold medals in the Polish Senior Championships in the 800 meters: on the track and indoors, and in 2017 he won the gold medal in the 1500 meters.

    Since 2017, he has been a motivational speaker. In his speeches, he translates the everyday life of an athlete into achieving goals in business, career, and personal life.

    Examples of speech topics:

    • Defining Success: Is achieving goals the only measure of success? Learning and gaining knowledge to avoid repeating mistakes. Failure as success and reward in development conditions.
    • Think Outside the Box: While routine is good 80% of the time, some tasks require actions beyond the standard repertoire and environment. Solving such tasks gives an incredible dopamine boost and pride.
    • Overcoming Obstacles: Why me? Robert Lewandowski, Rafał Brzoska, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein – they all faced rejection at some point. My failures motivated me to work harder and broaden my perspective.
    • Focus on What You Can Control: Think about action and surround yourself with people capable of action and growth. Internal resistance is completely natural, even for a champion.
    • Body Posture Determines Emotions: This phenomenon works both ways. Hacking your mind is achieved through body posture and proving to your mind that action and efficiency are in your nature at that moment.
    • Motivation through Inspiring Stories: From a small village to the stadiums of major events.

    Adam Kszczot is a master of strategy and determination. His impressive athletic career, numerous medals, and records, combined with his ability to translate sports experiences into daily life, business, and career, make him an exceptional motivational speaker. His talks inspire action, growth, and achieving success on one’s own terms.