Jan Cieński

Editor of POLITICO and Central European Financial Observer and Polish correspondent of The Economist. An author of the book “Od towarzyszy do kapitalistów” that describes the process of economic changes in Poland.


  • Politics
  • Economy
  • Investments and Finance
  • Media

Language: Polish & english

Since 200,3 he has been a correspondent of Financial Times in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia and focused on the subject of European integration. Before he assumed the role of the head of Warsaw Financial Times Office in 2003, he had been the editor in chief of Canadian National Post in Washington D.C. for 5 years.

Earlier he has worked as a freelancer in Uzbekistan and a correspondent of Deutsche Presse Agentur in Moscow. He’s also worked as an editor and business journalist for the Associated Press in the United States.

As a journalist, he made his debut in 1998 in Poland. Working for the UPI agency he was writing articles on the beginnings of the process of democratization.

He graduated from the Economics & International Relations University of Toronto.

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