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Primespeakers is an established speakers bureau with thought leaders from a variety of field.

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First step.
Choose a specialization.

Choose a primary, secondary and supporting topic specialization that you want your specialist to be versed in and hold mastery over.

After the topic is chosen our staff will help to determine the particulars of the case.

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optional - chose multiple


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Second step.
Choose characteristics.

Choose among specific characteristics of the specialist. What languages will be required for the event, is should he be a public figure and what kind of an event will you be running?


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Event scale

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Third step.
Choose a role.

An event professional can take one of three major roles.

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…engages the public with a topic

Speaker is the brightest star of any bigger event, conference or a debate. This is a person who is asked to speak at an event. The person is usually not deeply connected with the event or running it in any way. Instead the guest speaker may add to the event by sharing knowledge, indicating support and entertaining the audience. Even in the smallest events, the guest speakers can be well worth hearing. Coming from outside of the perspective of those organizing an event, they often bring something new to it.

Main tasks:

  1. shares his experience and knowdlege
  2. attracts people in the event
  3. motivates and inspires


…is leading the discussion

Moderator acts as a neutral party who maintains the focus of the debate or discussion. Important skills include time management, organization, and the ability to communicate effectively. It also helps for the moderator to have some level of knowledge on the topic up for debate. Moderators may ask questions intended to allow the panelists to fully develop their argument in order to ensure the debate moves at pace.

Main tasks:

  1. conducts the discussion
  2. asks questions, give a floor to participants
  3. engages in a debate


…establishes the structure and flow

Master of Ceremony is the official host for a staged event, congress or a conference. Normally, a master of ceremonies controls the agenda, introduces speakers, makes announcements, and engages with the audience to keep the ceremony agenda flowing as smoothly as possible. MC is responsible for a success of the whole event.

Main tasks:

  1. controls the time, introduce the speakers
  2. keeps the ceremony agenda flowing smoothly
  3. engages the audience

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More about Primespeakers

The company has been established with the goal of matching business professionals with engaging stage personalities from the business world.

7 years

of day-to-day cooperation with business leaders and specialists from around the globe.

PR cooperation

Primespeakers is a part of Linkleaders Group, a multidisciplinary PR Agency.

Logical logistics

The bureau takes care of every aspect of cooperation, from match-making to legal advice.

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Cooperation opportunities

For public professionals wishing to join Primespeakers we offer a set of services that allow them to have the leading voice in their business.

Image consulting

We created the Speakers Management program. Within the project we provide coprehensive speakers positioning - we acquire and carefully select comissions. Our priority is taking care of the speakers' image.

Process management

We take responsibility for the time-consuming activities connecting with researching the background and context of an event. We deal with formailities and logistics connected with coordination of the comission. Thanks to our suport, a speaker can focus on what is really importent for him - the content of his speech.


Long-term relation with a company or institution when speaker' engagement transmogrified into permanent cooperation and he becomes the ambasador of this brand.


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